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The Monkey King (1965)

The Monkey King: The mischievous Sun Wukong rules over the other monkeys on Peach Tree Mountain. After he breaks his sword, Sun Wukong sets out to find another weapon. His neighbour The Dragon King offers him the choice of any weapon from his armoury but Sun Wukong but cannot find one to his liking. He then finds the spear used by the gods to tame the oceans and claims this. This draws attention from the Emperor of the Heavens who summons Sun Wukong to him. They decide to give Sun Wukong the role of head of the imperial stables to placate him. However, much to the displeasure of the heavenly supervisor, he releases the horses. Sun Wukong then returns to Peach Tree Mountain and claims for himself the title of ĎGreat Sage Equalling Heavení. The Emperor of the Heavens decides Sun Wukong must be taught a lesson and sends his mightiest warriors, only for Sun Wukong to defeat them with his nimbleness and trickery. Sun Wukong is then lured back to Heaven with the promise of being made the head of the peach gardens. Instead, he eats all of the fabled peaches of immortality that only bloom every few thousand years and steals the food intended for empressís banquet to take back to his monkeys on Peach Tree Mountain. This earns the wrath of the Emperor who sentences Sun Wukong to death.

Genre: Animation Family Fantasy

Actor: Hans Alfredson

Director: Wan Laiming

Country: China

Duration: 114 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 1965

Rating: 0

Monkey King