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The EGGcited Rooster (1952)

The EGGcited Rooster: Foghorn has egg-sitting duty while his wife plays cards. Henery Hawk, dressed as an Indian (Me last of mo-hawk-ens!) comes by as Foggy is looking for someone to relieve him. Foggy gets Henery to egg-sit for a little while, but the little hawk gets impatient. Foghorn sends him off with a hen grenade which explodes under the dog (leaving him covered with a fried egg). The dog helps the hawk steal the egg, and calls Foghorns wife. The egg then changes hands several times; Foghorns wife comes along and beans him with her rolling pin. As the final insult, Henery scalps Foghorn with his tiny tomahawk.

Genre: Animation Comedy Family Short

Actor: Mel Blanc

Director: Robert McKimson

Country: USA

Duration: 6 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 1952

Rating: 10