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Break of Dawn (2002)

Break of Dawn: Theyre strangers. Adrien, a former high-flying bank robber, recently released from prison and suffering from an incurable form of cancer... Werner, a sniper and ex-legionnaire, presently a mercenary, who has seen it all, from Angola to Sarajevo. He is driven by suicidal madness... ~A contract brings them together in Bucharest: a rigged attack on a Romanian general standing for election, an attack during which they will let themselves be killed. In return, a million dollars in cash each. Enough to ensure Adriens familys future and to give Werner one last opportunity to face death head on... The journey begins tensely. Everything sets them apart, with only their imminent death in common. Yet, the ice slowly breaks. A friendship without a future is the only friendship possible for these two men. After their past experiences, they know theyre condemned but they never once imagined what awaits them... No one could have... The fake attack turns into a bloodbath. Adrien and Werner are spared. Why? The hours of life snatched from death lead them in a wild chase across Romania, looking for the truth. The trail is strewn with corpses and everything points to them as the killers. Hunted by the police and the various mafia groups, they work their way up to the source of this incredible plot to find out who is manipulating them. They go through three days of hell, friendship, madness and hope. Back in France, Werner recovers a taste for life and Adrien returns to his solitary lifestyle. Before parting, Werner promised his friend that the disease wouldnt have the last word.