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Submarines: Sharks of Steel (1992)

Submarines: Sharks of Steel: Come aboard and step into the exciting world of submarines. Learn the transformation from crude containers designed to keep the water out to the nuclear powered steel underwater sharks of today. Striking from below, the submarine has struck fear into the hearts of sailors for over one hundred years. Now, take a four-part journey into the silent ranks of one of the worlds deadliest weapons. Each episode of Sharks of Steel takes viewers inside the world of the submarine and the submariners who serve aboard them. Used as weapons for over a hundred years, it was during the world wars when submarines found their purpose as commerce raiders by sinking enemy shipping. Later, when nuclear weaponry came of age, submarines became an integral part of naval force. Capable of electronically picking your pocket or destroying an enemys submarines, these sleek, nuclear powered sharks of steel are at front line of defense. With stealth and quiet submarines accomplish their missions around the sometimes hostile world while surviving deep underwater.

Genre: Documentary




Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 1992

Rating: 0