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Finding Mercy (2012)

Finding Mercy: At the age of eight, filmmaker Robyn Paterson greeted Comrade Robert Mugabe with flowers as he stepped from a plane at an air force base in Zimbabwe. She and her best friend, Mercy, were poster children for the new Zimbabwe. Robyn was as pale-skinned as Mercy was dark, so the girls were a symbol that all was well in the independent nation. But it was not. Even then, members of Mercys Matabele tribe were being massacred by Mugabes special forces. A generation later, Robyn begins a high-risk ground search across Zimbabwe - desperate to know what has happened to her friend. Along the way she faces the dangers of filming undercover, the shock of what is still going on behind closed doors, and the stark differences that she and Mercy have come to symbolize. By the end of this journey, after overcoming one setback after another, Paterson has provided us with a new and very different look at the Mugabe era.

Genre: Documentary

Actor: Robyn Paterson

Director: Robyn Paterson

Country: New Zealand

Duration: 75 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2012

Rating: 0