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The Kids With no Memory (2013)

The Kids With no Memory: In Britain thousands of teens are battling with a debilitating memory disorder every day. The amnesia kicks in as soon as they wake up. They cannot remember simple daily routines such as brushing their teeth, eating breakfast or even taking their clothes off before a shower. From school and sports to shopping and dating, everyday activities present a heartbreaking daily struggle for young amnesiacs.Our documentary follows the story of three teenagers 19 year old Ricky, 18 year old Rosie and 14 year old Sam, who all suffer from brain injuries, as they attend a unique memory camp in Yorkshire. Can the camp help transform their lives?In the run-up to the summer camp, we see the three young amnesiacs in their day-to-day lives, witnessing the huge challenges that they and their families face. Things that most teenagers take for granted can be immensely difficult for these extraordinary young people, and their families are hoping that the camp can help.At the camp, the teens are assigned activities specifically designed to improve their amnesia. Falconry, for example, gives them physical contact with another living creature, which many amnesiacs find challenging. Teenager Rosie goes horse riding, a skill that she once possessed, and is surprised to find that she can still remember it through instincts alone.The summer camp may not be able to cure the teens memory problems, but through it they will acquire new skills, friends and experiences that could improve the quality of their lives forever.

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