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Auntie Lees Meat Pies (1992)

Auntie Lees Meat Pies: Outside the small, one-cop town of Penance, California, Auntie Lee bakes her popular meat pies, with the help of four nubile nieces and the ranchs blood-simple handyman, Larry. The source of the meat for the pies? Men who are passing through, lured to strange deaths by the nieces - Fawn, Coral, Sky, and Magnolia - who smile, show a little skin, and pretend to be playmates. Closing in on the trail of a missing man is a New York private eye, Harold Ivars; plus, the towns cop, Chief Koal, finds Larrys behavior a bit suspicious. Will the cop and the dick bring Auntie Lees vocation to a grinding halt?