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At the House of Madness (2008)

At the House of Madness: In the spirit of , AT THE HOUSE OF MADNESS is a new old horror movie, complete with print damage, bad splices (drinking game, anyone?), and a preview for a movie that doesnt exist. Sarah thinks her home is built on is cursed soil and previous uncanny events that transpired within its walls seem to bear this out. Like the woman who discovers a locked book of spells and finds murder the only key to open it. Or the strange man and his ventriloquist dummy, neither of which are what they appear. Or worse still, what happens to Sarah when she appeals to the patron saint of home-selling to try and get away from the horrors that dwell . . . AT THE HOUSE OF MADNESS.

Duration: 88 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2008

Rating: 6