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The Crier (1995)

The Crier: A man looking for a lost love unwittingly unleashes a terrible demon in this horror story shot in Florida. Jim Barton (Glynn Beard), a man who has lost the woman he loves, is so desperate hell do anything to bring her back. Barton, however, steps over the edge when he consults a witch in hopes that she might have a spell that could bring back his true love. The witch tells Barton that she can help him, and gives him a small vial of clear liquid. The potion brings back Bartons woman, but also unleashes La Llorona, an Aztec spirit known as the Crier (Lorena Gutierez), and a malevolent female spirit bent on revenge against the living, whose bloody wrath soon racks up a tremendous body count among Jims friends. Previously released as The Crier, Demoness also stars Margaret Erin-Easley, Corey Elias, Jason Fenton, and Ben Hess; director Glynn Beard also appears onscreen as Jim

Genre: Horror

Actor: No Famous Actors

Director: Glynn Beard

Country: USA

Duration: 78 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 1995

Rating: 0